Is Your Home Buyer Serious?


If you could have a dollar for every comment like “Oh, this is so perfect” or “This is it! We must buy this house!”, selling houses would just be a “free for all” millionaire deal. In reality, people simply get excited and say things they do not actually mean! What they do matters so much more!…Read More >>

How Your Job Can Affect Your Mortgage


We all know the struggle is real, when it comes to applying for a mortgage. Yes, the lender is going to look at your income and decide whether or not they want to approve you! Soak up all the good info this article has to offer, because we guarantee some things will be surprising to…Read More >>

Are We Headed for Another Bubble?


A bubble? Are we headed for another bubble? One topic of conversation that comes up almost weekly between agents and home buyers is whether or not we are experiencing another real estate bubble. This is a conversation we have with clients or others in the community almost weekly. With home values on the rise these…Read More >>

How FUR Babies Can Help You Sell Your Home


You may think that selling your home with kiddos around is a nightmare, but have you ever thought about what the selling process would be like with your fur babies running around? For the longest time, pets have been considered a monkey wrench of the home-selling process, and our cuddle buddies were hidden at all…Read More >>

Have YOU Considered Downsizing?


Are you curious about the real estate market, and the value of your home? Wondering what you could make on the sale to downsize into the home size more appropriate for your family now? Here are a few reasons that we see most people downsize. The good news is, the market is hot, and there…Read More >>

NEVER Ever Settle

I always used to wonder how yogis could be so calm, and by simply stretching they connected to their “center”. They could just “be”. My center has always been full of boundless energy, the hustle, the grind, and always seeking ways to be the best version of me. Could these worlds’ co-exist? Could you have…Read More >>

Relocating to Boise, ID: The Best Decision Of Your Life


Nobody likes moving! But if you are on the fence about relocating to Boise, ID, you should totally think twice and weight your pros and cons carefully! People relocate for a variety of reasons. It may be due to a job transfer, but sometimes a person is able to choose the area of relocation. For all…Read More >>

8 Things All Successful People DO


Believe it or not success does not come easy to all of us. For some it is a complementary skill that is multiplied by results as a driving power, for others it is years of hard work and soul searching in order to reach that attainment of goals. Here are eight unique characteristics the most…Read More >>